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Welcome to Austraplas. We are a world class plastics manufacturer that can assist with product development, design and production. Already a supplier to some of Australia’s most demanding and quality focused market places Austraplas is passionate about achieving outstanding outcomes for you in..

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As part of our commitment to local innovation and manufacturing Austraplas invites you to bring in your ideas and designs and we will assist you with our full support and expertise in the development of your product. We also can help meet design and pricing objectives, while you can be assured of 100% security and confidentiality.
At last a Perth, Western Australian-based plastics manufacturer with the expertise and resources to deliver your complete extrusion, rotational molding or injection molding solutions!

Service Areas

Plastic Extrusion Moulding

Extrusion Moulding is an economical and practical way of mass producing rigid and flexible pipes and profiles that are extensively utilized in mining, agriculture,building, medical and domestic markets.

Injection Moulding

With injection moulding, plastic granules are heated and "injected" under pressure into metal moulds,where the molten plastic hardens into a designated shape. The mould then opens and the newly formed part is removed and inspected, ready for shipment or secondary manufacturing operations.

Rotational Moulding

The principle of rotational molding of plastics is simple. Basically the process consists of introducing a known amount of plastic in power form into a hollow, shell-like mold.The mold is rotated and/or rocked about on two or three principal axes at relatively low speeds as it is heated so that the plastic enclosed in the mold adheres to the mold surface.